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Local Women’s Interfaith Dialogue Groups

Interfaith Scotland supports three local women’s interfaith dialogue groups in Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire. Click on the links below for more information about these groups.

Interfaith Scotland Local Dialogue Events for Women

Interfaith Scotland hosts regular women’s dialogue events in towns and cities across Scotland. Discussion is always lively and has been described as as ‘a very positive and nourishing experience which gave a boost to my flagging hope for humanity’. A selection of these events are shown below.

In March 2021 to mark International Women’s Day, we held an event entitled ‘Women’s Voices in Climate Action’. The event outlined the effect of the climate crisis on women and children, and the inspiring work of women to combat the climate crisis both nationally and internationally. A playlist of the talks can be found at https://tinyurl.com/WomensVoicesClimateAction

In November 2020 Interfaith Scotland organised a women’s dialogue for Scottish Interfaith Week entitled ‘Connecting Women of Different Faiths, Beliefs and Cultures’. The event was hosted in partnership with Bridging the Gap, a Glasgow-based charity that supports refugees and asylum seekers. You can watch a selection of the talks at https://tinyurl.com/ConnectingWomenFaiths

In May 2020 we hosted an event entitled ‘Women and Leadership’ with Professor Susan Madsen with a focus on developing women’s leadership through strengthening identity, purpose and confidence.

From 2015-2018 we have hosted interfaith dialogues on the theme of ‘Health and Wellbeing for Body and Soul’ looking at the links between spirituality and health. These have taken place in Dumfries, Stirling, Forres, Edinburgh and Dundee.

From 2015 – 2019 we hosted a lively ‘Women’s Interfaith Fair‘ to celebrate Scottish Refugee Festival with over 100 women in attendance from different nationalities and faiths.

In the lead up to the Scottish Referendum in September 2014, we hosted a number of women’s dialogue events on the theme of ‘Values and Visions for the Future of Scotland’. These took place in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness and Portree.