Young people


Scottish Interfaith Week

We have created resources for primary and secondary schools for Scottish Interfaith Week including videos and activities for the classroom. These can be found at:

Ask Me Anything Show

Pupils are invited to send in questions to Interfaith Scotland’s volunteers from nine different faiths – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i, Pagan, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – for a show called ‘Ask Me Anything’. Any and all questions are invited and a selection will be featured on the show. The volunteers will be interviewed for the shows which will each last around 30 minutes and one video will be uploaded to the Scottish Interfaith Week youtube channel every weekday during Scottish Interfaith Week. If any of your pupils would like to ask a question please email these to Frances Hume at and put ‘Ask Me Anything’ in the subject title.

Interfaith School Workshops and Resources

Interfaith Scotland offers interfaith workshops for primary and secondary school pupils across Scotland. These workshops look at interfaith dialogue and why it is important. A full range of resources can be viewed by clicking on our guide to Interfaith in the Classroom.

We also have volunteers from different faiths whom we have trained to come and speak to pupils about their faith and beliefs, either in class or as part of an ‘interfaith day’ in the school.

Our interfaith workshops receive very positive feedback in the way that they are able to challenge negative stereotypes that young people may have about ‘religious’ people, through personal encounters with our friendly and approachable volunteers. To request a visit to your school please contact

Youth Conferences

Interfaith Scotland has run several national and local youth conferences with help and support from its volunteers. The volunteers have been fully involved in choosing a theme for each conference, assisting in creating a programme and in the delivery of the event. Previous themes they have chosen include ‘Service above Self’ and ‘From Conflict to Co-operation’.


Our volunteers have been involved in lots of different projects, including planning and running youth conferences and taking part in our schools programme.

Residentials and Away Days

Interfaith Scotland organises youth residentials and away days. Previous visits include an interfaith week on Iona staying with the Iona Community and a weekend to Holy Isle by Arran at the Centre for World Peace and Health.


Interfaith Youth Network

We are currently working with young people in Scotland to develop and sustain a national interfaith youth network.  Contact us at for further information.

Holocaust Memorial and Young People

Every January we work in schools in Scotland to educate young people in Holocaust and genocide awareness.

National Interfaith Youth Conference

We host a national Interfaith Youth Conference on an annual basis with the Co-Existence Initiative, a student group at the University of St Andrews.

Vision Statement

The following vision statement was created by our youth volunteers in regards to their activities:

  • That young people would have the opportunity to meet people from different communities.
  • That we would create a safe space to talk with one another, learn about our faith communities and share together in order to understand our differences and overcome barriers and prejudice.
  • That friendships would be built across faiths, providing opportunities to join in with events across the faith communities and in civil society.
  • That we come to a recognition of our common humanity and the values that we share across faith communities and grow together through mutual understanding and acceptance.