Youth and Schools

A full range of resources for schools can be found in our Interfaith in the Classroom Guide.


Introduction to Interfaith Videos

We have created an introductory video for Primary and Secondary school pupils looking at what interfaith is, why it is important and the work of Interfaith Scotland.


Ask Me Anything Video Series

Young people in schools across Scotland were invited to send in their questions to our young volunteers from eight different faiths – Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Baha’i and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This was made into a series of five shows with two volunteers per show answering the questions.


Interfaith School Workshops

Interfaith Scotland offers interfaith workshops for primary and secondary school pupils across Scotland. These interactive workshops explore interfaith dialogue and why it’s important.

We have trained a number of volunteers from different faith backgrounds who visit schools and speak to pupils about their faith and beliefs, either in class or as part of an ‘interfaith day’ held by the school. We are also available to deliver presentations at school assemblies.

Our interfaith workshops consistently receive positive feedback on the way they are able to challenge negative stereotypes held by young people on misconceptions they may have around ‘religious’ people.

Through personal encounters with our friendly and approachable volunteers, we are able to connect with pupils and share varied experiences.

To request a visit to your school please contact


Scottish Interfaith Week Resources

Scottish Interfaith Week takes place in November each year and provides an opportunity for youth clubs and schools to put on activities to celebrate the week. A different theme is chosen each year and resources are created around this theme.

Find out more on the Scottish Interfaith Week website