Youth and Schools

Interfaith School Workshops

Interfaith Scotland offers interfaith workshops for primary and secondary school pupils across Scotland. These interactive workshops explore interfaith dialogue and why it’s important. We’ve trained a number of volunteers from different faith backgrounds who visit schools and speak to pupils about their faith and beliefs, either in class or as part of an ‘interfaith day’ held by the school. We are also available to deliver presentations at school assemblies.

Our interfaith workshops consistently receive positive feedback on the way they are able to challenge negative stereotypes held by young people on misconceptions they may have around ‘religious’ people. Through personal encounters with our friendly and approachable volunteers, we are able to connect with pupils and share varied experiences. To request a visit to your school please contact


Interfaith School Resources

A full range of resources can be viewed by clicking on our guide: Interfaith in the Classroom


Scottish Interfaith Week Art Competition

Once a year we run an art competition to celebrate Scottish Interfaith Week.