Members Dialogue Events

Every year we host a number of dialogue events for members, associate members and friends of Interfaith Scotland to get together and discuss important issues relating to civic society.


Annual Networking Seminar for local interfaith groups

Once a year we bring together representatives from each local interfaith group to network with one another and to share good practice. The networking seminars explore key opportunities and challenges that face local interfaith groups.


Religious Leaders Meetings

Interfaith Scotland brings together the Religious Leaders of Scotland on a bi-annual basis to discuss pertinent issues in society. The Forum allows for prompt responses when issues of national or international importance have emerged.


Women’s Dialogue

We host regular dialogue events for women in towns and cities across Scotland. These have included women’s afternoon teas on the theme of ‘Health and Wellbeing for body and soul’ and an annual ‘Women’s Interfaith Fair’ to celebrate Scottish Refugee Festival.


Young People

We organise a number of events for young people including youth retreats, youth conferences and away days to places of religious significance such as Holy Isle and Iona. We have a youth forum for young people aged 16 – 26 with representatives from faith communities throughout Scotland. We also run ‘interfaith days’ in schools where our volunteers speak about their faith with school pupils of all ages.


Holocaust Memorial Day

On 27th January each year Scotland holds a national Holocaust Memorial Day event to honour the memory of those who suffered and perished under the Nazi persecutions during World War II, and subsequent genocides including Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia. The day offers an opportunity to join millions of others across the world to come together to pause, to remember and to reflect on what we need to do to create a future free from the dangers of racist violence and discrimination.


Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 is taking place on 28th January; more information soon to follow.


Scottish Interfaith Week

Scottish Interfaith Week provides an opportunity for individuals, local interfaith groups, faith communities, organisations and educational establishments across the country to plan events that bring local people together to promote dialogue, understanding and co-operation between Scotland’s diverse faith and belief communities.

Scottish Interfaith Week takes place in November. Every year we choose a new theme for the week and provide resources with ideas of activities around the theme. These resources along with a programme of events for the week are available to view on our Scottish Interfaith Week website


Launch of Scottish Interfaith Week

We host a launch event for Scottish Interfaith Week in a different area of Scotland each year. Working in collaboration with a local interfaith group, an extravaganza of speakers and performers delight invited guests.