Interfaith Scotland is the national interfaith organisation for Scotland.

We work to help ensure good relations between the diverse religion and belief communities of Scotland and also to share good practice in interfaith dialogue, education, engagement and training nationally and internationally.

Upcoming events

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2nd April 2019

Annual Public Lecture and AGM

Venue: St. Mungo’s Museum, 2 Castle St, Glasgow G4 0RH

Time: 6 – 8:30pm

13th April 2019

Interfaith Youth Conference

Venue: St. Andrews University, KY16 9AJ

Time: 11 – 4pm


1st May 2019

Religious Leaders’ Forum

Venue: Glasgow Central Mosque, 1 Mosque Ave, Glasgow G5 9TA

Time: 11-4 pm

22nd May 2019

Chaplains Meeting

Venue: Interfaith Scotland, Flemington House, 110 Flemington Street, Glasgow G21 2RF

Time: 12 – 3 pm



26th June 2019

‘Come Dance with Us’

A ladies only event to celebrate Refugee Festival Scotland.

Venue: Kelvinbridge Parish Church Hall, 62 Belmont Street, Glasgow, G12 6JR

Time: 11 – 1.30pm

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4 days ago
Two of our own told the stories of Malala & Ella Ghandi repping their own faith communities at our final event for Untold Stories - Women of Faith in the Suffrage Movement.
Find our newly launched resource with all untold stories told at our three events: https://t.co/pzx1VFEU03 https://t.co/TKy5GazJUC
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6 days ago
Link to Interfaith Scotland's response to the Christchurch terror attack:

6 days ago
We are still so shaken and deeply disturbed by events that took place in #Christchurch on Friday. A heinous terrorist attack against a peaceful community, the youngest victim of which is 3 years old. There's no place in the world for white supremacy. https://t.co/vrfTQMRYGK InterfaithScot photo
6 days ago
Glasgow, when my heart is broken you are there to mend it.

Great turnout at vigil to show solidarity with #Christchurch & Muslim community in Scotland & worldwide.

Time to start calling out the dog-whistle rhetoric that mainstreams hatred, we all must stand against it. https://t.co/3IAPfRoJeI
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1 week ago
Why, Lord?
Why attack people at worship?
For the selfishness
Hate that humanity is capable of,
We are ashamed
And pray for the courage to respect
And to love. https://t.co/MrBIddEnen
InterfaithScot photo
1 week ago
Later today, I will visit @GlasgowMosque. New Zealand may be on the other side of the world but I know that for Muslims here, what has happened will feel very personal and close to home. As we send our love to #christchurch, we must stand united here.

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Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland4 days ago
Two of our own told the stories of Malala & Ella Ghandi repping their own faith communities at our final event for Untold Stories - Women of Faith in the Suffrage Movement.
Find our newly launched resource with all untold stories told at our three events: http://ow.ly/RkJU30o5zoj
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland shared a post.5 days ago
Do not despair! Its very hard not to despair when we hear today of more violence, fear, hate and tragedy - but when I think of all the people working sincerely for the betterment of the world the despair does lift and there is more than a glimmer of hope
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland6 days ago
Interfaith Scotland response to Christcurch terror attack:

Christchurch Mosque Massacre: 15 March 2019:

All of us at Interfaith Scotland are outraged and despair at the recent massacre of innocent Muslims who had gathered for prayer in Christchurch. Our heartfelt condolences go to the families of the victims and to the Muslim Community worldwide who will be feeling the impact of such hatred towards their community. Such atrocities make us ever more determined to work together to build peaceful, connected and loving communities. The subsequent outpouring of love towards the Muslim community has however been heart-warming.

SAFE (Scotland Abroad Faith Exchange)
Interfaith Scotland has had the honour and privilege of engaging with Interfaith groups in New Zealand as part of our SAFE (Scotland Abroad Faith Exchange) over the course of a number of years now and our freelance Youth Worker Michael Hail was in fact in New Zealand when the massacre took place. Michael had given a public address to an interfaith audience in Auckland and was heading to the airport when the news broke and below is a snippet of his reflections from that visit.

‘….. the passion, energy and love those working to promote good interfaith relations had for their work was infectious and I was extremely humbled by their hospitality and openness.
The horrific events which took place in Christchurch on Friday came as a massive shock to the whole of the country. We were travelling to Auckland Airport when we heard on the radio about the city being in lockdown and no one sure why. By the end of the journey, we had heard from the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who had confirmed that there had indeed been an attack and that this was one of the countries ‘darkest days.’ It was extremely emotional to think of the community we had visited only a few days before going through this.
Almost immediately I was on my social media accounts. What struck me was the common messages which were shared by my friends. ‘Not in our name’, ‘A home for everyone’ and ‘This is not us’ were some of the most shared posts. There was no mention or shares of the sickening act (which had been recorded and streamed), but people were sharing stories of groups of people visiting mosques around the country to show their solidarity and support to their neighbours.
I was only in Aotearoa (New Zealand) for 17 nights but this was the reaction I had come to expect. I had learned that they were extremely proud of their open and diverse communities and that although they were fully aware of extremism and the potential threats worldwide, they would not let the actions of a few change this'

Interfaith Scotland has been in contact directly with the Interfaith Organisations of New Zealand to pass on our condolences to all affected and have also shown support to our dear Muslim brothers and sisters in Scotland via our social media channels.

Responses from Interfaith Organisations across the UK:


This tremendous outpouring of support again confirms that the work of interfaith engagement is vital to on-going peaceful community building not just in the UK but globally. The responses are so many and are continually being added to that accessing them at the following address is the simplest way to keep up to date

Faith Communities across Scotland have stood in solidarity with the Muslim Community and the Board of Interfaith Scotland that consists of representatives from the Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh Faiths join together in sending their deepest sympathy and there continuing support to those who suffered in this tragedy and to the Muslim Community world-wide.

Example of a faith community Response: from the Senior Rabbi in Scotland:

When the massacre of the Jewish Community in Pittsburgh took place members of the Muslim Council of Scotland stood in solidarity with the Jewish Community and now, in return, the Senior Rabbi sends his deepest sympathy to his Muslim Brothers and sisters – this is the sort of world we wish to inhabit – not a world of hatred and fear!

‘I was shocked and horrified to hear of the terrible attacks on the Moslem community in New Zealand. This is an attack not just on the Moslem community but on every human being wanting to live in peace and harmony. This morning we said special prayers for the members of the Mosques, for those killed and those hurt, and for their families. I feel deeply proud to tell my community how closely I work together with the Moslem community and other faith and non-faith communities. I hope that with our close working relationship and the friendships that have developed we will bring hope to our terrified Moslem communities and ultimately bring hope and peace to a broken world. We must never underestimate our work for peace and harmony and its impact in the wider world. May God wipe away tears from all faces and may we witness the day of when hate is vanquished and love rules’.

And we end with the words of our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon:

'This is beyond awful. Innocent people being murdered as they worship is horrific and heart-breaking. My thoughts and solidarity are with New Zealand’s Muslim community and all of its people on this dark day.

Today, at mosques across Scotland and elsewhere, Muslims will attend Friday prayers. They are a valued part of our diverse and multicultural society. It is terrorists who commit such acts who offend our values as a society. We must stand against Islamaphobia and all hate…'

Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland1 week ago
We were shocked and appalled to hear the news of the massacre in New Zealand of those going to the mosque in Christchurch for their Friday prayers. Our hearts go out to all those affected both locally and throughout the world and continue in our endeavours to work for peace and understanding between people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.