Interfaith Scotland is the national interfaith organisation for Scotland.

We work to help ensure good relations between the diverse religion and belief communities of Scotland and also to share good practice in interfaith dialogue, education, engagement and training nationally and internationally.

Interfaith Scotland is a charity and we appreciate all donations, big or small.

Upcoming Events 2020

27th January

National Holocaust Memorial Event for Scotland

Venue: Scottish Parliament Garden Lobby

Time: 5.30 – 8.30pm

Invitation only

28th January

Holocaust Memorial Day Concert

Venue: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

Time: 7pm

Book here for free tickets

29th January 

Tackling Hate Together Dialogue Event

Venue: Scottish Jewish Archive Centre

Time: 7.15 – 9pm

Free and public event.  Register with maureen@interfaithscotland.org


13th February

Interfaith Scotland Training: Three mottos to Guide our Approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Venue: Interfaith Scotland Dialogue Centre

Time: 1pm – 4.30pm

Book on Eventbrite here

10th March

Interfaith Scotland Training: Interpreting Culture – Improving Cross-cultural Communication

Venue: Interfaith Scotland

Time: 1 – 4.30pm

Book on Eventbrite here

16th March

Women and Leadership with Professor Susan Madsen

Venue: Interfaith Scotland

Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm

Free event for women only. Register with frances@interfaithscotland.org

17th – 19th July

Women’s Interfaith Retreat

Come and join us for a women’s interfaith retreat on the beautiful island of Holy Isle off Arran. This retreat is open to women of all faiths and beliefs.

Venue: Centre for World Peace and Health, Holy Isle off Arran

More information about the retreat, booking and payment can be found at:


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6 minutes ago
We have had the privilege to design programmes and signage for the years Holocaust Memorial Day event being held at the Scottish Parliament.

Holocaust Memorial Day is on Monday 27th January 2020. #StandTogether @HMD_UK @InterfaithScot https://t.co/ZfV4wiNp27
InterfaithScot photo
7 minutes ago
On #HolocaustMemorialDay in memoriam of the liberation of Buchenwald, & other concentration camps & the end of WWII, we look fwd to our concert on Tuesday where we will commemorate with new work commissioned by @InterfaithScot & @ScotGovernment https://t.co/ZRolwCWCda https://t.co/3ypDMprIeU InterfaithScot photo
8 minutes ago
Powerful and poignant reminder by Ronald S Lauder @AmbLauder “do NOT be silent, do NOT be complacent, do NOT let this happen again to any people.”
We have to be vigilant and protect our rights which are fragile & precious.
#Auschwitz75 #SayNoToRacism #SayNoToHate #StopHateNow https://t.co/Hv8lxt3otT
InterfaithScot photo
1 hour ago
To honour the memory of all those who suffered and perished under Nazi persecution during World War II, the Rev Cedric Blakey will attend @InterfaithScot’s national Holocaust Memorial Day event on behalf of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

#HMD2020 #Prayer
1 hour ago
“See us as human first before you see us as Jewish and Muslim. Only then can you open your heart to our stories.”
#HMD2020 #StandTogether #Survivors https://t.co/hJut9d5RSK
InterfaithScot photo
2 hours ago
It’s Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 and our theme this year is “Stand Together”. Our survivors Janine and Hasan have arrived in Edinburgh and are starting the day with a press call. #HMD2020 #StandTogether #neverforget https://t.co/JDiVs8niRo InterfaithScot photo

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Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland shared a post.9 hours ago
Holocaust survivor Jean Webber joined Hasan Hasanović for Holocaust Memorial in Scotland - they both have such incredible stories to tell. Tonight in Parliament we will remember the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. Hmd Trust #Holocaust
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland shared a post.10 hours ago
Wonderful to see this historic visit
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland1 day ago
Wonderful service for HMD 2020 at Cathcart Old Parish Church #hmd2020 Hmd Trust
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland
Interfaith Scotland2 days ago
Great to welcome Hasan to Scotland for Holocaust Memorial 2020 - Haggis on the menu tonight!
Hmd Trust Remembering Srebrenica - Scotland