Interfaith Scotland is the national interfaith organisation for Scotland.

We work to help ensure good relations between the diverse religion and belief communities of Scotland and also to share good practice in interfaith dialogue, education, engagement and training nationally and internationally.

Interfaith Scotland is a charity and we appreciate all donations, big or small.

Information and Events

Covid19: During the Covid19 crisis Interfaith Scotland has been working with faith communities and local interfaith groups across Scotland to assist them in their work of supporting communities at the grassroots level.  For up to date information on the current crisis please go to the Scottish Government website.

Please follow the link for up to date information on the re-opening of Places of Worship in Scotland

Interfaith Webinar Series on Climate Action

Interfaith Scotland is honoured to have been working in partnership with International organisations around the world and Interfaith Glasgow to bring to you these 3 important Interfaith Climate Action Webinars.  Please register directly from the posters (Click the title of the webinar for the poster).

27 October, 9 am : Webinar #1 The world we want

This webinar will explore the narratives that faith traditions from all over the world bring towards helping navigate humanity through this precarious time.

3 November, 4 pm : Webinar #2COP26 Ramp up the ambitions!

This webinar will discuss what needs to be on the agenda of COP26 and what does it mean for climate action now.

10 November, 4 pm: Webinar #3 Hope for the future

This interactive dialogue will bring to light stories of hope in action from various faith communities confronting the climate crisis.

21 October

Networking Seminar for local interfaith groups (10.30 am-12.15pm)

Interfaith Scotland will be hosting the Annual Networking Seminar for local interfaith groups on Zoom. This will provide an opportunity for local interfaith groups to share their experiences over the last few months and also look to the future, including Scottish Interfaith Week and beyond, through a mixture of presentations and group dialogue. If you would like to attend contact frances@interfaithscotland.org by 20th October to receive the Zoom link.

8th – 15th November

Scottish Interfaith Week 2020 

Scottish Interfaith Week provides an opportunity for individuals, local interfaith groups, faith communities, organisations and educational establishments across the country to plan events that bring local people together to promote dialogue, understanding and co-operation between Scotland’s diverse faith and belief communities. This year Scottish Interfaith Week will be an online festival and the theme is ‘Connecting’. Find out more on the Scottish Interfaith Week website


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Continuing to stand in solidarity - no place in Scotland for such hate https://t.co/q0JCnhLLxM
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Here is the link to the faith in Action event that we collaborated on with @EdinInterfaith and the Edinburgh Coexistence Initiative to look at the Future of Faith with Young People.
3 months ago
Learn how Eid ul-Adha is celebrated and how the easing up of lockdown restrictions changes the celebration. #Festivals #Celebrations https://t.co/cgARrhx37N
3 months ago
Find out why Tisha B'Av is considered the saddest day in the Jewish calendar.
3 months ago
Our #equality and #diversity training courses are back!
Fresh outta lockdown! (Tho still held on Zoom..)

Join our trainer @JamieSpurway to learn about:
Interpreting Culture, 13 Aug
Religious Diversity, 9 Sep
3 mottos for ED&I, 29 Sep

3 months ago
Read about the festival CHOKOR, one of the four major Tibetan Bhuddist holidays. https://t.co/hCiIQ8XyY0

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How did young people of faith and non-belief connect with their communities during the first lockdown? Find out at the Community in Crises event for #SIFW2020 #KeepOnConnecting #Community
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How does your faith help you connect with others? Join us at our #Women'sEvent to find out. #SIFW2020 #KeepOnConnecting https://forms.gle/L31eSygbAVVv2NaKA
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Join us to hear award-winning speakers from around the world talk about #interfaithengagement in an Interconnected world #sifw2020 #keeponconnecting https://forms.gle/R49jXYTCtr74LRwJ9