Interfaith Scotland is the national interfaith organisation for Scotland.

We work to help ensure good relations between the diverse religion and belief communities of Scotland and also to share good practice in interfaith dialogue, education, engagement and training nationally and internationally.

COP28 Briefing for Faith and Belief Communities

COP28 is over and our Climate Justice Associate, Adrian Shaw, has prepared a useful guide to what happened in Dubai. This briefing highlights the key outcomes of the Cop, gives up-to-date information on the science, and concludes with actions for Religious Leaders.

Upcoming Events in 2024

One Heart – Many Voices: Exploring Our Common Humanity

Join us for a special community event exploring the power of words to touch hearts and change lives

Internationally acclaimed Irish poet, Anton Floyd will share verses and stories from his latest collection ‘Depositions’ – a vivid tale of being forced from home, of fear and desperation, the struggles of adapting to a new country and the sadness of exile.

With translations in some 25 languages, we will invite guests, including refugees and asylum seekers, to read one or two verses in their native tongues.

With music and a light vegetarian lunch come help us make this a truly memorable occasion of meaningful dialogue and discussion.

📌 Wednesday 22nd May, 1-3.30pm), Flemington House in Glasgow


Interfaith Retreat to Holy Isle

We are hosting a retreat to Holy Isle off the island of Arran, staying at the Centre for World Peace and Health.

The retreat is open to people of all faiths and beliefs.

📌 Friday 24th May – Monday 27th May, 2024


Regional Networking Seminar: Central Belt

Our regional networking seminars are for local interfaith groups to learn and network together. This particular seminar is for interfaith groups based in the Central Belt of Scotland.

📌  Thursday 6th June (11am-3.30pm), Flemington House in Glasgow

The North of Scotland networking seminar will take place on Monday 26th August in Elgin.


Rising Together: Celebrating Together

Celebrate diversity through creativity and the arts for Refugee Festival Scotland. Attendees can take part in various activities, including drop-in arts and crafts, music, henna hand painting, and drumming.

Interfaith Scotland’s Faces of Faith exhibition, featuring striking photographs of 16 people of faith in Scotland and their stories, will be available for attendees to view.

Vegetarian lunch provided.

We have the pleasure of working in collaboration with Interfaith Glasgow, Bridges Programme and SOHTIS to plan this event. This event is supported by the Scottish Refugee Council.

📌  Wednesday 19th June (12pm-3pm), Flemington House in Glasgow


Interfaith Week on Iona

The Iona Community is hosting an interfaith week on the island of Iona facilitated by Dr Maureen Sier and Frances Hume from Interfaith Scotland; Zarina Ahmad, a climate activist based in Manchester, and Caro Penney, Iona Abbey Warden.

The week is open to people of all faiths and beliefs and the focus will be on environmental protection.

📌 Saturday 14th September – Friday 20th September, 2024

Public Training Courses

More training courses coming soon in 2024.

Sign up for a public training course on Eventbrite

Interfaith Creative Projects

Faces of Faith Exhibition

This exhibition is a showcase of Scotland’s diverse religious and cultural communities.

Through the stories of sixteen people, we explore the joys, challenges, and complexities of living as a person of faith in Scotland, and the impact these communities have on a local, national, and international level.

View the exhibition on the Scottish Interfaith Week website.

Poetry Book

We worked with the Scottish Poetry Library to create a beautiful anthology of 40 poems written by poets of all faiths and beliefs.

The poets shared insights into what gave them support and inspiration during the pandemic such as nature, faith and culture. You can read more here.

The poetry book is available to purchase from Interfaith Scotland for £4.99. Please email admin@interfaithscotland.org to request a copy.

You can also buy a copy via the Scottish Poetry Library website at the link here

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