Religious leaders in Scotland call for immediate climate action

The Scottish Religious Leaders Forum have signed a Statement of Commitment calling for transformational change in our personal lives, communities, economies and governments, in the face of climate change.

World Interfaith Harmony Week

World Interfaith Harmony Week

For World Interfaith Harmony Week we held four events with a wide range of audiences to try to understand what causes hatred and to explore how together can we overcome it and grow to ‘love God and our neighbours’ more deeply.    We will not 

Scottish Interfaith Week

Scottish Interfaith Week took place from 10th – 17th November with over 70 events listed on our Scottish Interfaith Week website. You can check out the programme:

Youth Strategy Consultation

Interfaith Scotland held a consultation on the Scottish Government’s Youth Strategy for 2020 on Monday 21st October at our Dialogue Centre at Flemington House, Glasgow where young people, youth workers and volunteers had the opportunity to make their voices heard on how the rights and needs 

Volunteer Training Day

Interfaith Scotland held a Volunteers Training Day on 21st October at our Dialogue Centre for potential volunteers to find out more about our work, what volunteering opportunities are available, and to look more closely at what is involved in volunteering on our ‘Faith to Faith’