Scottish Faith Leaders Unite for Climate Action

Scottish Faith Leaders Unite for Climate Action

Interfaith Scotland Director Dr Maureen Sier and board member Srihari Vallabhajousula were honoured to sign the Scottish faith leaders’ statement on action to tackle climate change in Scotland last week.

Climate action statement from faith leaders

“We believe that addressing the climate crisis is a moral necessity, and Scotland must do all it can to play its part.

“We are alarmed by the conclusion of the Climate Change Committee, which recently described Scotland’s 2030 targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as “no longer credible”.

“This must be a wake-up call to us all. If we collectively fail to act there will be grave implications for the planet – our common home – and for our sisters and brothers across the world who have contributed the least to this crisis and who are already bearing its worst effects.

“We are calling for unity from all political parties, from business leaders, communities and everyone in society to recognise the risks of inaction. We must regather and redouble our efforts and seek ways to work together to deliver the action we all know we need to see.

“It is our shared belief and hope that action is possible, and that together we may yet still limit global heating to what science informs us is necessary and possible. We stand united in our wish to protect the dignity of human life and creation. We urge all citizens to remain hopeful, and for those with influence and power to be bold. The road is not easy but our collective energy and prayers will be with all those working for a successful outcome. We commit to work together to encourage our own faith communities to participate through prayer and action to live more sustainably and to use our voices to call for action from those in positions of authority.”

Read more on the Christian Aid website.

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