Interfaith Scotland Launches Poetry Book

Interfaith Scotland Launches Poetry Book

We were honoured to work with the Scottish Poetry Library to create a beautiful anthology of poems.

People of all faiths and beliefs were invited to submit a poem and share ways in which they responded to the pandemic and what gave them support and inspiration during such a difficult time for many.

We selected 40 poems, and a variety of themes emerged including the inspiration of nature, faith and culture, and profound experiences of life, death and emerging from the pandemic.

The title of the anthology, ‘The Courageous Non-Uniformity of Stones’, came from a line of one of the poems and beautifully reflects the work of interfaith engagement. It can take courage to embrace our differences and share our varied experiences of life and faith, especially in response to difficult life situations.

The poems we received are truly shared from the heart and we hope they will be a gift to all who read them.

The Board of Interfaith Scotland has dedicated this gift of poems to the memory of those who departed during the COVID pandemic and offers sincere condolences to their families and friends.

We are very thankful to everyone who contributed to this gift of poems. We will be forever grateful to them for their support and efforts to bring our vision to fruition.

Buy the poetry book

The book of poems is available to purchase from Interfaith Scotland for £4.99. Please email to request a copy.

Quotes about The Courageous Non-Uniformity of Stones

The Courageous Non-Uniformity of Stones – A Gift of Poems

2022 has been Scotland’s year of Stories and what tells a more concise and wonderful story than a well-crafted poem. This beautiful collection gives the reader the gift of a glimpse into the personal and imaginary worlds of these gifted poets.

Dr Maureen Sier, Interfaith Scotland

So many religious and philosophical traditions use poetry as a way to express the almost-inexpressible. In this way, ritual, song and the gifts of praise and lament, take us to the heart of things….I hope some of these poems open up that breathing space for you too.

Dr Samuel Tongue, Project Coordinator, Scottish Poetry Library

In this marvellous anthology, poems from varied branches of faith take wing. There was a sense of recognition, a shared world caught within these glances…This takes us far beyond institutional belonging. Words written out of glimpsed hope and harmony can even make, somehow, both time and the timeless intersect. 

Professor James McGonigal, author and poet

Such a wonderful compilation of words making poetry that speaks for us all. Sometimes we cannot express ourselves and then in someone else’s words, our thoughts and feelings are there in black and white. My sincere thanks to all the authors for giving this ‘Gift’ to Interfaith.  

Trishna Singh OBE, author and Director of Sikh Sanjog and Punjabi Junction Social Enterprise Project