Scottish Religious Leaders Forum

The Scottish Religious Leaders Forum and friends celebrating the Forum's 20th anniversary in Iona Abbey

The Scottish Religious Leaders’ Forum is a group dedicated to improving relationships between Scotland’s religious communities.

The Forum celebrated its 20th anniversary with a pilgrimage to Iona in September 2022.

20th Anniversary celebration of the Scottish Religious Leaders Forum

For the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Scottish Religious Leaders Forum, members of the forum, staff and board members of Interfaith Scotland, members of local interfaith groups, faith communities and chaplains went on a pilgrimage to the island of Iona.

On the last night, the Forum held an Interfaith Service in Iona Abbey and read their new Declaration of Commitment.

Read the Scottish Religious Leaders Forum’s Declaration of Commitment

COP26 Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Vigil

This unique prayer and meditation vigil brought together people of all backgrounds in Glasgow and – via a livestream – around the world, in a powerful, symbolic act of unity and solidarity for our planet.

Religious leaders and faith community members came together in Glasgow’s main square, united in a common commitment to climate justice, to mark the beginning of COP26 and to launch Scottish Interfaith Week 2021, which shared the COP26 theme: ‘Together for Our Planet’.

Senior religious leaders read the ‘Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration for COP26’, setting out the shared climate commitments of religious leaders across the UK, and led prayers from a great diversity of religious traditions.

The Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration for COP26

The Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration was signed by religious leaders and representatives from across Scotland and the United Kingdom.

It was a powerful united voice of faiths asking for serious action by Governments and others to address the Climate Crisis and create a positive vision for the future.

Read the Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration