Interfaith Scotland plant 20 trees to celebrate 20th Anniversary – ‘the World Interfaith Harmony Grove’

Interfaith Scotland plant 20 trees to celebrate 20th Anniversary – ‘the World Interfaith Harmony Grove’

Everyone should be acutely aware of the Scottish Government’s acknowledgement and response to the Climate Emergency, to which Interfaith Scotland strongly felt the need to respond to in a productive way. Interfaith Scotland has purchased a Grove of Trees in the Scottish Highlands under the Trees for Life scheme and named the Grove The World Interfaith Harmony Grove.

With limited resources, we are asking for your help and believe that together we will be able to make a difference. Faith communities, secular groups, scientists and governments all agree that we are facing a climate emergency. Interfaith Scotland hopes that by planting trees together, and encouraging our friends in Scotland and across the world to plant trees with us, we will be acting together to help preserve our precious planet.

We have purchased the first 20 trees to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Interfaith Scotland and are asking if faith communities, interfaith groups and individuals in Scotland, the UK and globally would purchase trees on behalf of their faith community, interfaith group or family and friends.

We were inspired to take this initiative and plant a Gove of Trees by a local interfaith group Moray Interfaith. If we can inspire hundreds, perhaps even thousands of trees to be planted, we will demonstrate clearly how faith communities can work together effectively for the common good. We look forward to seeing a flourishing interfaith grove grow and develop in Scotland. The direct link to the grove is below and to purchase a tree costs only £6. The process of donating a tree or trees is very simple:

Arthur Dahl – World Renowned Environmentalist said:

“It is important that we be consistent in our words and actions. Planting trees is one way to remove carbon from the atmosphere and to restore natural areas and ecosystems. Nature also has a spiritual significance, so this meets both material and spiritual needs.”

Maureen – Director of Interfaith Scotland said:

“Faith communities harness the motivations of millions of people across the globe – they are a powerful force for good and can really make a difference. Interfaith Scotland is excited to see the ‘World Interfaith Harmony Grove’ play its small part in tackling our climate emergency.”

Fariha – Communications Officer for Interfaith Scotland said:

“I’m proud to work for an organisation that does such important work for promoting religious harmony and is also playing a role in saving the planet. I really hope Scotland’s faith groups join us and we manage to grow a forrest!”

Mel – Scottish Interfaith Week Project Officer said:

“I’m already looking to visit the Highlands 20 years from now and breathing in our legacy”

‘The World Interfaith Harmony Grove’ is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Interfaith Scotland – to all those working for Interfaith harmony and to promote sustainability for our precious planet.

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