Connecting Generations Art Competition

Connecting Generations Art Competition

To celebrate Scottish Interfaith Week 2018, Interfaith Scotland held a creative competition looking for budding artists and writers to take part in our Connecting Generations art competition. The competition was divided into three categories – Primary School, Secondary School and a Community Prize for those of all generations to take part. Over a hundred people from all ages took part. The first prize winner in the Community section was Elaine Pomeransky from the Jewish community for her beautiful painting above. Other winning entries can be seen on our Facebook pages.

“The painting shows an elderly patriarch whose face portrays a variety of colours illustrating that he represents all the races and religions of mankind. All humanity is interrelated even though our bodies visually appear in different forms, colours, races and ages.

The patriarch is protecting with his shawl a child of another race and generation, yet loving him as his own; tied by their headwear, almost like an umbilical cord, as age, race or religion is no barrier to love and our responsibility to others belonging to the human race.”




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